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What Is a Wedding?

A ceremonial joining...a joyous union... Your wedding is the fusion of you and your fiancé, two diverse people sharing one love. Society envisions a wedding with the obligatory white dress, multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen, and a religious binding under God and State. But not everyone's traditional. Do you really need something old, new, borrowed, and totally not you? The same wedding your parents had, and probably your grandparents before them? Traditions stay the same, but the world changes. Your wedding, commitment ceremony, or handfasting should be as unique as you are.

You can have an alternative, nontraditional wedding. Forget traditional—you're creative, unique...individual. We offer the alternative wedding—a ceremony that is uniquely you. We're not your mother's wedding designer. Just like you, we're different. We developed this website to provide creative and unique ideas for your alternative wedding, commitment ceremony, or handfasting.

A wedding is a celebration.

Celebrate your love, and celebrate who you are. Your wedding is a celebration of your unique identity and your identity together as a couple. Everyone has an individual personality and style, so let it shine, especially on your wedding day. The spotlight is on everything that makes your love exalt it. A creative wedding is one that reflects you—your style, your circumstances, your values, and even your budget.

Like a fingerprint, no two people (or weddings) are the same. So your wedding is a work of performance art, something special and amazing that will be that much more valuable because it is irreplaceable, unrepeatable. Celebrate the things that make you happy, as unconventional or nontraditional as they may be. Our goal is help you define and celebrate your own personal style. Do something alternative and unique—it's your day to celebrate.

A wedding is a celebration of you.

Who are you? What defines you as a couple? Is it a color, a theme, a style, a belief? How do you define your love? What do you do for fun? What makes you happy? Society defines and expects a certain kind of wedding, but your love is all about who you are as a couple. Shouldn't your wedding be about you, not about society?

White isn't your color? Pink isn't your style? That's okay, it's not ours either. It's your party, and you can wear black if you want can wear a tux, or a dress, or jeans if you like. Your wedding is a visual representation of who you are—unique and creative, alternative and nontraditional, forward thinking and independent.

A wedding is a celebration of your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle is alternative, nontraditional. Some people have friends and family that embrace all the things that make them different and unique; others straddle two worlds. Your family, friends, and community are all a part of your personality—your unique, individual self. If your family or friends will be uncomfortable with an extremely alternative wedding, but you still want them to share your special day, you may want a wedding that expresses your personality and creativity while remaining inclusive of family and friends who have a different perspective.

This is where the creative part comes in. Your celebration can be as alternative as you can imagine. Or, you can choose to create a balance between alternative and traditional. To blur the line, if there is one, between your family and your friends. We're not talking about compromise. We're talking about encompassing the totality of your life. We can help you design the ceremony that's perfect for you, whether it's completely alternative, or a unique combination of the traditional and the nontraditional. A truly creative wedding is one with layers of love and layers of meaning—a celebration of your hopes and dreams. Not other people's dreams—but yours.

Whatever you decide, your wedding day will be beautiful and spectacular and a joyous representation of your love. Everyone has a unique idea of beauty, and chances are, your idea is slightly different than what's in every bridal magazine you find at the local bookstore.

The Amarantha's Ashes website is here to provide inspiration and ideas, alternatives and resources, to help make your unique ideas come to fruition. We're here to inspire you and help you define what you want.

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